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ConstructionWatch: Architect Clive Wilkinson's 10 Palms

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This is the 10 Palms project that's rising at Franklin and Las Palmas, one block east of Highland. It's notable because the project is by local architect Clive Wilkinson (TBWA\Chiat\Day, Google, and Twentieth Century Fox). This is Wilkinson's first condominium project (the firm has designed others, but this is the first one that'll be completed), and there are nine different units. Given some of the funky angles of the building, we recommend checking out all the different floor plans, which are now up on the project's web site (a few samples are in the gallery). "We're on schedule, and we don't have a firm date for opening, but we're expecting it to be done in March," Mitch Karp, a real estate agent with Deasy/Penner, tells us. While nothing is set in stone in these tumultuous times, prices are expected to start in the high $500,000s. They are all loft-like units, mostly two-bedrooms units, and the square footage ranges from 1,200 square feet-2,100 square feet.

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