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Club 740 Hearing: Chapman Fighting the Furry Boots

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Blogdowntown reports that a Monday hearing will likely help decide the fate of Club 740, that controversial club in downtown's Historic District. Citing concerns about assaults, passed-out ladies, and other shady-sounding events, the city last month began working on revoking the club's conditional-use permit, while there's also been complaints from residents of Chapman Flats, who claim that noise from the club is driving out tenants. Reports the blog: "A petition signed by forty residents of the building tells of walls that shake until "predawn hours," and patrons that congregate and make loud noise in the alley the club uses for its entryway. Those familiar with the building say that the club has led many residents to move out of the rental building." According to the blog, the Zoning Administrator will listen to testimony from both club operators, who could offer to reduce club operating hours, for instance, to appease residents, as well as locals. "Given the history of the club, a central issue will be whether [owner Ralph] Verdugo's recent changes are enough to excuse several years of troubled operation." [Image on left via Robotogoboom]
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