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Curbed Inside: Daly Lofts In Lincoln Heights

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Curbed was in attendance at last night's de LaB event (short for Design East of La Brea,), held at Lincoln Height's Daly Lofts. The event included a tour and slideshow by New York-based (but LA-born and raised) critic and architect Joseph Giovannini. Having coined the term 'deconstructivists" in the mid 1980s, Giovannini is clearly influenced by the architects attached to the label: Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, and Peter Eisenmann, among others.

In fact, an article he penned for the NY Times in 1988 about this group could easily describe his own work today: "Unlike conventional designs that strive for architectural unity, theirs look fragmented and accidental: they splinter walls, unhinge corners and shift floors like so many tectonic plates. Uninterested in the 90-degree angle and parallel lines, they break a building into seemingly unrelated parts: walls don't meet floors; door frames are distorted." The Daly Street Lofts are an adaptive reuse of a 23,000 square foot former telephone trucking garage that are now live-work lofts. We're told 12 of the 15 individual lofts are currently occupied (mostly by creative-types, including a couple of trapeze artists who like the 30-foot ceilings) and the remaining three units are available for about $2590 for a two-bedroom.
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