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Queen Mary Redevelopment Plans May Have Run Aground

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Plans to gussy up the 45-acre parking lot that surrounds Long Beach's Queen Mary ship and add additional attractions are sinking amid the recession, reports the California Planning & Development Report. A group called Save the Queen—led by Orange County developer Jeff Klein—controls the operating and development rights of the space and has already invested a reported $6 million in aesthetic and functional improvements to the existing hotel, restaurants, and ventilation systems. As of August, a marina, an amusement park, residences, and retail were said to be part of the STQ's plans for the Queen, but renderings or specifics have yet to arise. STQ spokesman emailed the CPDR that, “Due to potential changes in ownership we are holding off on all media inquiries related to entitlement discussions or status of STQ." But Long Beach city councilman Suja Lowenthal says, “As far as I know, this deal is going forward,” adding that, “I'm hoping for an urban planning component to it. Right now it’s somewhat detached from downtown and the rest of the city." Lowenthal previously commissioned a streetcar line to the Queen.
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