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EaterTastings: Kogi Goes Indoors? Chow vs. Chow in Beverly Hills, Hollywood's Street Close to Debut

The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog...
[Lines for Kogi, by flickr user Sklathill]

LOS ANGELES: Will we soon be able to eat bulgogi burritos indoors? Overnight sensation and korean taco truck Kogi reports they are looking into a brick and mortar location. But won't that ruin all the taco hunting fun?

BEVERLY HILLS: Will Chow vs. Chow be 2009's Wolfgang vs. Wolfgang? Philippe Chow, who has restaurants in New York, Mexico City and Miami, is planning to open a restaurant in Beverly Hills three blocks from Mr. Chow's - with a similar menu since Philippe worked at Michael Chow's restaurant. Let the Chow challenge commence.

HOLLYWOOD: Susan Feninger's upcoming "global street food" concept, Street, gets the Plywood treatment, with a projected opening date in February. Also due to debut soon: Intelligentsia in Venice (March) and Cuvee, a spanish wine bar on La Brea, that recently received its liquor license.