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Curbed Poll: Modern/Moderne in Silver Lake

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Taking a page from our sister site Racked LA, we're asking you to look at this home and vote on whether you like or dislike it—your choices are 'That's Rather Lovely!,' 'So close,' 'I feel strangely ambivalent about it,' or 'That's Rather Hideous!'

A reader nominated this house, commenting "interesting cross between Modern and Moderne. Overall, though -- awesome, dramatic house. " Let's see if anyone agrees. The three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath home in Silver Lake was designed by Michael Pierce (the architect behind Gwyneth Paltrow's Greenwich Village town house). The house sits on a 12,371 square foot promontory and features "high ceilings, large windows, sliding glass & a mezzanine style master bedroom. The sliding glass doors of the living room opens to reveal flat, rear grounds complete w/ private pool, spa & large outdoor dining area." The house is owned by a successful video director, and apparently, the brother is an even more famous movie director. The house was originally listed in December at $1.7 million, a substantial premium over its May 2005 sales price of $1.5 million. Today's asking price: $1.45 million. Listing is here.