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The Catch: Free Rent For Hollywood Connections

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What/Where: Master bedroom available in a Studio City apartment with free utilities included.

Sounds good, right?: Well, free is pretty cheap. Other than that, not much is said about the apartment itself.

The Catch: Hollywood is a fickle bitch, no? So it's not surprising that a wanna-be actor is willing to do pretty much anything to get ahead in the industry. To apply for this apartment, you're not going to need a credit check, but you will need a headshot and resume: "I am searching for an experienced male actor between 20-29 who has done some work and done some networking to introduce me to the industry. In return, I will work as your Personal Assistant running errands, cleaning, driving you at night, chores, make phone calls, and any other work needed done...I'm a 32 professional male looking to open doors in this industry and willing to help the right person with the right talent. Keep in mind I'm looking for someone that has some talent and has had a few jobs. I'm not saying you must have 'A' movies on your resume but do know the business. Please send a face pic and a little information about yourself and any questions you may have on my offer." Hasn't this guy ever heard of the casting couch? That would be so much easier.
· Rent & Utilities FREE for Experienced Male Actor (Check this out!) [Craigslist]
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