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Boyle Heights Renaissance? Improvement Plans Moving Forward

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More Gold Line talk: Hoping to capitalize on the line's summer opening, the city council and planner Gail Goldberg want to make changes to Boyle Heights. There's a new community plan on the way, with two neighborhood meetings next week to provide for local input. Streetsblog reports that much of the community's initial suggestions include pedestrian improvements, like sidewalk repair, better street lighting, and more trees. There's also a push for improved aesthetics on freeway underpasses—BH is sadly scarred by the 10, 5, 60, and 710 freeways. Most interesting is the suggestion that open space be created by building parks along the shores of the LA river, and giving a makeover to industrial land. (Photo: Boyle Height's Mariachi Plaza, site of a new Gold Line subway stop)
· Community Plan for Boyle Heights [Streestsblog]