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Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel Wants You To Know They Are Very Much Alive

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The Sportsmen’s Lodge Hotel in Studio City is not closed, but business at the hotel is suffering following erroneous news reports that the hotel is kaput, according to the San Fernando Valley Business Journal, which reports that "word spread rapidly that the hotel was on its way out because it shares a name with the restaurant and banquet center and is located on the same Studio City grounds as those entities." It was the restaurant that closed, and yes, everyone remembers all the stories and the corrections.

To dispel any notion that the hotel is closing, management is trying to capture the attention of Valley residents by offering them a 15 percent discount on stays and dining at the hotel via a “Show us Your Zip Code” promotion through April. The promotion will also enable management to showcase the $1 million in renovations it recently made to the hotel, which included a revamping of its lobby, Pub Bar and Patio Café. Renovations to both were completed in September. Also, guestrooms were upgraded with high-speed wireless Internet access, new beds and bedding and other soft goods, plus the addition of flat-screen plasma televisions, according to management." Poor hotel. If it's not the economy hurting the hotel industry, it's the rumors.
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