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CurbedWire: Fuller Lofts Movement, Aqua-Colored Expo Line?

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LINCOLN HEIGHTS: Despite worries about its GhostBuilding status, Fuller Lofts, that now dead Pugh + Scarpa-designed project on San Fernando Road in Lincoln Heights is seeing a little action: The security guard told us this morning that minimal amounts of work are being done on the interior of the building. It sounds like one or two guys. For instance, at the construction site we met a guy who'd been hired to do some dry wall work on the project; he was waiting outside for the manager of the building to let him in. At this point, we're fairly certain the bank still owns the project, so maybe they are trying to fix it up to sell it? Who knows the status. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: All this recent talk about the Expo Line made us think: the darn thing still doesn't have a color designation (red, blue, green, purple, and gold being already taken). We caught up with Dave Sotero, a representative from Metro and asked him when there will be a decision on the matter. Sotero said the Expo Authority (the group building the line) recommended aqua, but that hasn't been decided on by the Metro Board, nor is it a subject that's even listed on any upcoming meeting agendas. So, if you're still lobbying for the Chartreuse Line, there's still time. Also, Sotero said construction on the Orange Line extension to Chatsworth is looking to start this summer, near the Chatsworth Metrolink station (terminus of the extension) with an expected opening in late 2012. [Curbed Staff]