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RentChopper: Hollywood's Cosmo Lofts Reduces Rents

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A reader notices that rents at Cosmo Lofts are severely reduced: "I noticed a listing for a "creative loft space in Hollywood" with an asking price of $1500.00. Needless to say I was rather curious to see what was being you guys are aware, rents in Hollywood have gone up so much in the past five years that it's nearly impossible to find a decent place to live that doesn't cost you your entire months wages. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the ad and saw it was a listing for the Cosmo if my memory serves me, wasn't a 1 bedroom going for more than $2000.00 not too long ago?" Sure, if you're willing to overlook the alleged shady backstory of the developer, the negative reviews posted at Apartment Ratings, and the two alleged "medical marijuana stores" in the building, the Cosmo Lofts might offer a bargain.
· $1500 / 1br - Creative Loft Space (Hollywood) [Craigslist]