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Ask Curbed: Moving Back Home -- The Conclusion

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The reader who asked about breaking his lease after a layoff writes in to let us know what happened: "I asked a question about a month and half ago about losing my job and having to break my lease early. Thanks for posting the question, I found some comments to be very helpful. Just wanted to let you know what happened....So I spoke to my Property Management and they gave me the option of moving out early if I pay for a whole month's rent and [but didn't] actually live in the apartment. I wasn't responsible for finding a replacement tenant, the company did that, but I did have to show the unit a few times when I was at home. I moved out at the end of January, paid February, and now I'm back at my parents. Now the only thing I need to do is find another job. Been laid-off for a while now and my savings are dwindling down....wish me luck." Godspeed, dear reader.
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