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Last Man Standing on Lucas Avenue Finally Sells

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Remember Bob Pramenko, the famous holdout at 200 Lucas Avenue, the guy who refused to sell his Craftsman-like home to developers (despite offers of as much as $700,000) even as huge residential projects like Belmont Station rose up around him? Pramenko, described as "stubborn as a mule," by the listing agent most recently representing the property, passed away last year, so his home was listed for $429,000. Because the home could potentially be developed for four units, according to the listing agent, there was speculation that Pramenko's home would be torn down to make way for condos. The home finally sold last week, according to agent Mercy Dimitriu. She won't say who purchased the home, but describes the buyer as "a company" and says they plan to rent out the home. We'll all know more about who purchased the home when the sale records become public.
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