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Koreatown Mini-Mall May Take Out See's Candy Building

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Tomorrow the Cultural Heritage Commission will decide whether or not to save 135 N. Western Avenue, a Koreatown building that housed the first See's Candy shop. Developers want to put a strip mall on the site, but preservationist Charlene Nichols nominated the building as a historic-cultural monument. Leaving aside the historical value of the building, does Koreatown need any more mini-malls? More via the press release: "Eighty-eight years ago this fall, Canadian immigrant Charles A. See and his mother Mary See (pictured) opened their very first candy shop and kitchen in a charming Renaissance Revival building at 135 N. Western Avenue in what is now Koreatown. See's current Los Angeles candy factory opened on La Cienega Blvd. in 1946. The building now sits empty and plans call for the destruction of it's classical façade for a new mini-mall shopping center."