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Where Are the Renderings, Sunset Junction Developer?

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According to the people behind the Sunset Junction blog, local developers Sherman Oaks' Frost Chaddock would like to put up a mixed-use building at 4000 Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake, and presented their plans at a January 14th Silver Lake Neighborhood Council meeting. More background about the project:

"Every structure on this land, including one residence and the landmark Sunset Junction "Red Car" streetcar station would be torn down to accommodate this project which includes a 150 parking space subterranean parking facility for their tenants and patrons of the retail establishments therein. Additionally, the developer went on to explain plans to limit access to the new building to a single exit/entrance on Manzanita Avenue. Traffic plans include asking the City’s Department of Transportation to install a new stop/turn light signal on Sunset Blvd. in front of the present location of the Jiffy Lube building. They have plans to buy additional properties in this area." But this is what caught our eye: According to the blog, a "representative of Frost Chaddock would not allow photos to be taken of the artist renderings for this project" at the meeting. Silver Lake residents! Be wary! Developer Frost Chaddock is well known for not building what they promised (note: our photo is of the back of the building because we mistakenly thought it was the front, but you get the idea). The developer is also behind this project, and you can see more of their work on their web site. UPDATE: You may be spared the Tuscan. Per a member of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, the architect is Kanner Architecture.
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