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Almost New To Market: Your Westwood Spec House

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You may be looking at some of the last homes of the Great Wave of Spec House Building of the Real Estate Boom Years. These two dinosaurs are on Sunset Blvd (near Hilgard) and have been under construction since at least November 2007. The bigger one, a 9,000 square feet home on a 17,000 square foot lot, will be priced at $6.9 million. Jimminy cricket, that's pricey! Oh, no, it's not, argues developer Soheil Darvish. He talks about land value, the finishes, and the fact that "you can't get new construction in Beverly Hills for less than $800 a square foot." The smaller one, which is about 8,000 square feet will be listed at $5.9 million. Both will come to market in about two weeks.
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