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Less Blade Runner, More LED Architecture

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Blogdowntown spent a couple of hours reading through the Figueroa and Olympic Signage District proposal, which will be considered by the City Council's Planning and Land Use Management in the next few weeks. According to the blog, signage on developer Sonny Astani's Concerto development, which at one point was referred to as having "Blade Runner-esque," has been scaled back in terms of its sheer size--the building will still have LED strip limits, but signage must be placed at a lower point on the building. Writes Blogdowntown:

The ordinance passed by the Planning Commission moves the integrated display down the building, requiring that the signage occur within the first 150 feet of the building's height. Given typical residential construction, that limits the display to the building's first dozen floors. Astani's original plans had called for the display to begin at that height.

Also in the document are limits on the amount of movement and the types of transitions that can take place between images. Fades and bleeds are in; jump cuts are out. Pans are restricted to seven and a half feet per second. All electronic signage would be required turned off at a given time, though debate persists over whether that time should be midnight or 2am. · Amid Signage Debate, Plans for "Blade Runner" District Move Forward [Blogdowntown]
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