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Curbed Poll: Maurice Chevalier's Hollywood Hideaway

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Taking a page from our sister site Racked LA, we're asking you to look at this home and vote on whether you like or dislike it—your choices are 'That's Rather Lovely!,' 'So close,' 'I feel strangely ambivalent about it,' or 'That's Rather Hideous!'

Bonjour! Welcome to this 1924 Spanish style home in the Hollywood Hills, a residence once owned by French actor Maurice Chevalier. Ah yes, he remembers it well. Take a look around, s'il vous plaît. You would never know this home suffered a devastating fire and had to be taken down to the studs, n'est-ce pas? Owner Laurie Frank, a screenwriter who also runs an art gallery, was described as "a Martha Stewart-meets-Marie Curie party alchemist" by the LA Times. She rebuilt the five bedroom, three-bath home, which sits in a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. We're not going to lie - we love it. Even if we weren't moved by Frank's story of rebuilding the home, we'd still love the eclectic art collection, the teak floors, the cedar window frames and doors salvaged from a house in Morocco. It looks like a house that tells stories. Listing is here and asking price is $1.495 million. But don't let us influence you...