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Reader Rant: My Bank Is Treating Me Like Dirt

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Tapping away at your keyboard and sending a rant into a blog is a the new scream therapy. And who knows if there's another side to this story, but a reader writes: "Can you take a rant about banks? I called Chase to ask a question about my HELC [home equity line of credit] The robophone told me that my line had been frozen. This was last week. Surprised, I waited to talk to a live person. I asked if the freeze on my account was true. He told me that yes, back in December 13, 2008, my line was frozen due to my home value coming in at a much lower price on their computerized appraisal system. I asked if Chase was planning to let me know about this. He said that there was no requirement on their part to inform me. Then I told him that I needed something in writing. I received a written explanation this week. There was no effort to renegotiate my loan, no effort to inform me of the freeze - I could have been writing checks on my line, which luckily I did not, etc. I have an above 750 credit score, never been late on my payments. What gives? I will pay off this HELC with a refinance but I swear never to do business again with Chase. Are others with good credit and good records being treated so disgustingly by other banks?" The reader tells his line was $150,000 and he lives in Tujunga.