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CurbedWire: Bel-Air Worried About New Building Rules, Yet Another Supergraphic

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BEL AIR AND BEYOND: In an effort to curb McMansions, last year the City Council voted to enact the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance, a rule which basically ties lot size to building size. And now the LA City Planning Department is holding a series of five meetings to get input from locals on a similar ordinance that would apply to building in the hills, rather than the flats. Los Angeles City Planner Erick Lopez tell us that creating an ordinance in regards to building in the hills is far more difficult because of factors like narrow roads, fire dangers, and cliffs. And while this would seem to be about building to scale, rather than flat-out denying the construction of large homes, it doesn't seem like the Bel-Air blog got that message. They seem a tad hysterical. Here's the blog's headline: "ALERT-Bel-Air Targeted for More Restrictive Residential Development Standards." Click here to see all the meetings. [Curbed InBox, Bel Air Blog] UPDATED: Bel Air blog was not being hysterical but INFORMATIVE.

LOS ANGELES: Yet again. A four-story office building close to the Tropicana supergraphic building now has a huge "Watchman" graphic enveloping it. The graphic, which covers the windows, went up over the weekend. The building contains offices for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Oh. [Curbed InBox]