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Silver Lake Attacks Likely Gang Related

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The word on the street tonight in Silver Lake is that the recent string of attacks is gang-related and could be the work of the Crazies gang, an Echo Park gang that could be doing gang initiations. As part of the initiation, the gang is attacking individuals, all single males, walking around Silver Lake and Echo Park. UPDATE: Police say gang initiation theory is a hoax. See last update. This is what some members of the LAPD are guessing at this point, according to one person who spoke to the LAPD tonight, but the information is not confirmed. A community meeting is scheduled for Thursday at Ivanhoe Elementary School. Meanwhile, Fox News did a story tonight story about the attacks. UPDATE: The Thursday meeting is from 6pm-8pm. And here's the release from City Councilmember Tom LaBonge's office. UPDATE: Eastsider LA talks to the lead detective in the case. UPDATE: Police deny gang initiation theory.