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Mass PriceChopper: Downtown's Evo Sale Is On

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Following the Rowan building's attempt to push everything out the door, downtown development Evo has chopped prices on 35 of its units as part of a three-day sale. The sale starts today and runs through Sunday. Because it's not an auction, the sale won't have the heart-stopping suspense of the Rowan event, so we're going to suggest the sales team think of some tactics to keep the adrenaline going ie, giant gong, t-shirt cannons on the roof of the building, or kegs around the pool. Meanwhile, a 749 square foot bedroom is listed at $399,000, down from its original price of $549,000. And a 1,146 square foot two-bedroom loft that was listed at $749,000 is now at $599,000. "We hope to have all 35 reserved by the end of the weekend," Michelle Velky, regional sales manager for the Mark Company, tells us.