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R.I.P.: Preservation Community Loses Martin Eli Weil

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[The Martin Eli Weil-restored 1923 Storer House by Frank Lloyd Wright]

The LA Times' Dennis McLellan reports that founding member of the LA Conservancy, Martin Eli Weil, has passed away from a presumed heart attack. Weil, a restoration architect, served as president of the Conservancy twice, and was instrumental in the preservation of Frank Lloyd Wright's Storer House. Weil was considered an "expert in historic design, materials and colors" and was also a consultant on the restoration of the Henry and Arabella Huntington mausoleum at the Huntington Library. Weil didn't just do restoration for a living - he also lived in a 1905 Greene & Greene Craftsmand bungalow in West Adams that he purchased in 1985 and restored himself.
· Martin Eli Weil dies at 68; restoration architect and founding member of the L.A. Conservancy [LA Times]