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Curbed Reader Comment Roundup

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The best posts usually originate in our comments. To give appreciation to our amazing (and sometimes angry) commenters we feature their broad strokes of wisdom in a tidy comment roundup.

1) Roller Disco In An Old Circuit City? Totally Possible "generally speaking, a circuit city would not qualify as 'big-box'. office uses, mid size retailers specializing in merchandise of the neighborhoods ethnicity/demographics, and demising for multi tenant use work best. the one off uses listed are novelty and may or may not last for any length of time. and a church should never EVER occupy retail space. they cant pay rent and may be indicative of a distressed center or owner."

2) BikeNappers "Sounds like tensions between the Midnight Ridaaaazzzzz and their arch enemies, the Kings of Huffy, are ramping up. There's going to be a knife fight outside of the Silverlake Lounge tonight!"

3) SignGate: Eastern Columbia Fears the Ugliness Beneath "I realize this might be cost-prohibitive for Kor, but why not work with a local gallery or other arts group to program these retail spaces? It would be better than these (granted, not-unattractive) mural/ads. Kor essentially does this kind of arts group and non-profit group programing with its empty square footage at Barker Block. At Eastern the spaces have even more visibility to the community."

Silver Lake Circuit City

4400 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

Eastern Columbia Lofts

849 South Broadway, , CA 90014 Visit Website