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Tuna Pizza Scandal Widens (And Mayor Needs a New Door)

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The last time there was news about that big scandal at Temple City's Piazza Las Tunas mall/office project (now known as the Piazza at Temple City), city officials were checking into phone records to find out if indeed local developer Randy Wang was shaken down by City Council members David Capra and Julie Wong, as well as Mayor Cathe Wilson. These allegations (Wang said city officials demanded cash, and at one point, a condo in exchange for support of the project) were reported back in September 2008, with Wang stating that at one point he had delivered cash in white envelopes to officials (at a school yard, no less). Via the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, news that even more officials may be involved in this. And sweet delicious drama--a cop got to kick down the Mayor's door. "Armed investigators searched City Hall and several council members' homes Wednesday morning as prosecutors widened their probe into allegations that city leaders demanded bribes from a developer in return for cooperation on his project.

Guns drawn, Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office officials exercised search warrants at City Hall and at the homes of Temple City Mayor Cathe Wilson, council members Judy Wong and David Capra, former City Council candidate Scott Carwile, as well as the home of the development's former project manager, Jay Liyanage, said David Demerjian, head of the DA's Public Integrity Division.

At Wilson's home, investigators kicked down the mayor's door after no one answered, Demerjian said."
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