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New To Market: Hollywood Penthouse Condo

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The only reason we chose to feature this condo for sale is so we can link to the owner's YouTube video promoting his artwork. We need more videos that use Orff's O Fortuna. Realtors, take note. This two bedroom, two bath condo on Highland is close to 1600 square feet, has an open floor plan, balcony and "eagle's nest loft." According to the listing, the owner is "a renowned artist [who] chose this penthouse as his first choice out of 81 available condos." Is it just us, or does it look like that bedroom belongs to a completely different apartment? The condo was last sold for $123,636 in November 1996. Today's asking price: $518,000 or $334 per square foot.
· 1940 N Highland Ave #77 Los Angeles, CA 90068 [Redfin]
· Highland Penthouse [Official Site]