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Ask Curbed: My Landlord Keeps Cutting My Cable Lines

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Funny, we thought cable was obsolete now that there's Hulu. A reader wants to know who controls the cable line she pays for: "I have lived in a rent controlled apartment in WeHo for 14 years and the cable line has always been in front of the building. Last summer my landlord had the cable line cut (without previously advising me that they were going to do so) because they want all cable lines routed to the back of the building (I had not been advised that they wanted it rerouted). I had the line reconnected via the front of the building and it was my understanding that they would coordinate having it rerouted to the back of the building. Nothing transpired from last summer until about a month ago when I came home and yet again my cable line was cut without prior notification. Do I have any rights or recourse here? Is it my responsibility to get the cable line rerouted or is it the management companies responsibility? I still don’t have cable and again, it’s been a month."
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