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Curbed Poll: Design on a Dime Redo In North Hollywood

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Welcome to this version of "New To Market," our look at a listing with a reader vote. Consider this an unscientific way to take the buying pulse of a wary public. Feedback and nominees to the tipline, please.

Does a television appearance and makeover automatically command a premium? Should it? This home, featured on HGTV's Design on a Dime had its outdoor kitchen and lounge redone by host Kristan Cunningham. The listing warns "unassuming from the outside, impressive once you step foot inside." The four-bedroom, three-bath house on a 10,190 square foot lot includes a fireplace in the master bedroom, an attic with two built-in beds, and a bricked in barbecue and smoker. The property also includes "two avocado trees, an orange tree and a cumquat [sic. also - ew] tree." The last time this house was on the market in November 2004, it sold for $516,000. Today's asking price: $600,000 or $256 per square foot, making it significantly more than neighborhood comps. Listing is here.