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Traffic Solution: Bulldoze the Grove

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With City Councilman Jack Weiss running for City Attorney, the 5th District City Council election is one of the more interesting races to watch. And the LA Times editorial board recently asked all five candidates to weigh in on Westside development, a routinely contentious issue (you'll recall the attempt to recall Weiss over development). Notable quotes: Ron Galperin: "Los Angeles has a capricious and outdated planning and approval process; our residents and businesses deserve better. Paul Koretz: "I will stop the process of issuing negative declarations that exempt developers from complying with the EIR [environmental impact report] process..There are a number [of] projects that should not have been built; one that stands out is The is too far from a freeway to handle the quantity of traffic that it generates, and the impact on relatively small surface and residential streets around the project has been truly horrific." David T. Vahedi: "The 5th District has been ground zero for large-scale development." [LA Times]