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Ban on Billboards, Signs Extended

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Today the Los Angeles City Council renewed the Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) which places a temporary ban on all supergraphics, digital billboard conversions, and new signs. The ICO was passed last December, and this measure basically extends that ban to give the city more time (in this case an additional 45 days) to create a more comprehensive policy to regulate billboards and signs. Via the press release from City Councilman Jack Weiss's office: "The ICO will expire on March 26, 2009, but the legislative process to approve changes to the City’s sign ordinances may not be completed by March 26. If the ICO is allowed to lapse for even one day, a flurry of illegal signs could be installed and be nearly impossible to remove later." And for those wondering whether CBS did indeed take down that Dr. Phil supergraphic at 10801 National Bvld after posted on the controversy, yes, the media company removed their ad. Bigger shot of the now-naked wall here. UPDATE: The Daily News has a story on those trees that were chopped down for the billboard. [Curbed Inbox; press release on ICO]