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Light Rail to the Ocean: Even the Sea Gulls Are Happy

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Some of those recent Expo line meetings in Santa Monica were recently covered on the site, but courtesy of the fine people at the Transit Coalition boards, here is one of the renderings that was shown at the February 18th meeting in Santa Monica. According to the caption, this image shows the end of Colorado Blvd, the favored route of many Santa Monicans. Additionally, the message board posts two images from the Light Rail for Cheviot web site, which shows what a bridge at Overland could look like. Maybe all these images have been kicking around for a while, but they're all new to us. For those just catching up, Phase 1 of the Expo light rail line, which goes from downtown to Culver City, has been approved, while Phase 2, which'll go from Culver City to Santa Monica, is in the process of final approval.

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