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CurbedWire: River Rafting on Sunset Blvd, More Park La Brea News

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SILVER LAKE: Given all the recent talk about billboards and off-site advertising, this campaign is worth pointing out. An Arizona tourism company placed this structure (it looks like it's nothing more than a wood frame and paper) in front of Tom's Burger at the corner of Sunset Blvd and Silver Lake Blvd. There's even a hole for people to stick their heads in and imagine they're riding the rapids in Arizona. Patricia Salcido, owner of Tom's Burger, tells us companies that advertise like this typically rent space (on a property) by the week and usually pay the business owner about $600 for 15 days. Good money. [Curbed Staff]

MID-WILSHIRE: Lina Whitworth, Senior Designer at Nadel Architects, writes in to clarify last week's item about improvements at the La Brea apartment complex. The new pool at 6th street is actually being done by landscape architects Gaudet Design Group, while the pool that Nadel Architects is designing is east of Hauser Blvd on the La Brea property. [Curbed InBox]

Additionally, she explains that the "current maze of 18 towers will become clearly identifiable by clusters or neighborhoods of towers, each with their own paint scheme, which will help with wayfinding. One of those new ‘neighborhoods’ at Curson Square has been completely renovated, new entry canopies, new lighting, new signage, new lobbies and a much bolder yet modern paint palette. Another set along Hauser has just been started."

Additionally, we are told there is a new fence along Hauser (seen below) that lights up. It looks decorative and period-like, but uses lasercutting and LED lighting.