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CurbedWire: Expo Line Meetings, Saturday Swap Meet Request

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CHEVIOT HILLS: As part of a series of ongoing meetings to collect public comments about the forthcoming Expo Line, the light rail line that'll travel from downtown to the sea, tonight there's a meeting at the Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services Center on Motor Avenue. These signs, spotted Sunday, are all over the area. We'll post tomorrow on the meeting. Meanwhile, there were two different rulings on those at-grade crossing issues last week. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: Swappy swap! The Los Angeles City College Swap Meet, held every Sunday at Vermont & Marathon, wants to expand to Saturdays, too, according to documents filed with the City Planning Department. According to the college's web site, the swap meet has "200 spaces and has been open for almost four years. Over 250,000 customers attend the event each year. The Swap Meet is a benefit to the community as a place to purchase commodities at reduced prices as well as a place to meet and socialize." Dr. Jamillah Moore, President of LACC, confirms that the college would like to add Saturdays. Good times at a swap meet. [Curbed Staff]