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Bloodbath For Architects...Except Perkins & Will

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Via The Independent: "Members of the the architecture profession have said they are experiencing "bloodbath," as the latest victims of the recession. New research reveals more than 65 per cent of practices in the UK have seen workloads drop and half have had to lay off staff, according to a survey by The Architects' Journal." Closer to home, Building Design reports that Chicago-based commercial real estate firm Perkins & Will is one of the few US firms that is aggressively hiring. Bill Viehman, Perkins & Will principal and chief marketing officer, said: “These conditions are conducive to staff recruitment, but staff retention is equally important. Stability creates a sense of success and confidence." Perkins & Will's Los Angeles office is downtown, and local clients include LAUSD, the LAPD, and UCLA (pictured is their Neuroscience Research Center at UCLA) [Independent via Archinet, BD]