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Destruction Imminent? Demolition Permit Issued for St. Andrews

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A reader forwards the demolition permit for 1912 St. Andrews, that cottage that is going to be torn down by nearby Immaculate Heart School on Franklin Avenue. The permit was issued on February 19th, so the cottage may no longer be with us. School officials claim the cottage's foundation is slipping, and while they don't know what exactly will be done with the site, a parking lot could eventually go up. The Eastwood Coalition, a group of local neighbors, had previously accused the school of not getting a proper permit to tear down a cottage, while the group's most recent update accuses the school of lying (the foundation is not slipping, they say). Meanwhile, there's also a web site--Save 1912--that's been launched. It's not clear to us who is telling the truth, but this opposition group is clearly feisty and pissed. You can download the one-page demolition permit here.
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