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Expo Line Decision In

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The LA Times' Steve Hymon reports that the California Public Utilities Commission has made a been a decision in those two disputed Expo Line street crossings: "In a 4-1 vote, the California Public Utilities Commission denied a street-level crossing for Farmdale Avenue next to Dorsey High School. That means Farmdale must be closed to traffic at the tracks -- it will no longer be a through street -- and that transit officials will probably have to build a pedestrian bridge over the tracks. On the other hand, the PUC board granted permission for the tracks to cross atop an existing pedestrian tunnel next to the Foshay Learning Center. The dissenting vote on the PUC board came from Commissioner Timothy Simon, who wanted to require the Expo Line to write a detailed management plan for student safety in the tunnel before giving it approval." The street crossings have been particularly controversial over concerns about safety (schools are near both of the lines). [LA Times]