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CurbedWire: Park La Brea's New Lights, Big Venice Parking Vote Tomorrow

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MID-WILSHIRE: Here are a few shots of work at Park La Brea, that sprawling 176-acre mini-community/rental jambalya on 6th. Street improvements, like those stocky lights, trees and plants, are coming, as is a pool and clubhouse, and much, much more. The Prime Group, owner of the property, hired Nadel Architects to ‘re-brand’ the property and work has been going on for quite some time now. More importantly, did you know you can park for free on 6th? [Curbed Staff]

VENICE: It'll be a defining moment for how Venice wants to deal with its homeless situation: Tomorrow stakeholders will vote on two different initiatives that'll decide whether or not to allow overnight street parking districts. It's slightly confusing, but one initiative would affirm stakeholders' approval of the districts, while the other initiative would overturn the neighborhood council's approval of overnight parking districts, according to the Santa Monica Mirror. More via the paper: "The OPDs – in effect in many areas of Los Angeles and Santa Monica – grew out residents being unable to find street parking in Venice, which is notoriously short on driveways or garages that have not been converted to some other use. Then too, there was the growing number of homeless people living in their vehicles and parking around the clock in Venice." [Mirror]