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Meet Mike McNeilly

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The Los Angeles Business Journal's Joel Russell catches up with Skytag owner Mike McNeilly, the guy currently engaged in a legal tussle with the city over supergraphics (including the 1969 Lady Liberty ones). From the LABJ: "In contrast to the neighborhood activists who portray billboards and commercial imagery as urban blight, McNeilly sees them as an expression of the local economy. “This is a capitalistic consumer society,” he said. “We should embrace that, not suppress it.” As an example, McNeilly states that buildings, which can reportedly earn as much as $100,000 a month from revenue from the signs, need the cash given increased commercial vacancies. "Los Angeles should be grateful advertisers want to spend their dollars here,” McNeilly said." Meanwhile, as spotted on Hollywood Blvd, it looks like at least some of McNeilly's graphics don't cover the windows of these buildings. Rather, holes have been clawed out of Lady Liberty's face. Bigger shot here. UPDATE: A reader points out the address is 7046 Hollywood Blvd, a CIM owned-building, but more importantly, the former site of Ronald Reagan's presidential SAG office. Also, it appears the graphic is made up of self-adhesive stickers or some type of similar material. [LABJ]