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A Fifth Library for Santa Monica

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Scouting for Sunday hours at Santa Monica's grand downtown library (1-5 pm), we uncovered an interesting tidbit. The library's website has maps and directions for all four Santa Monica libraries, which include branches on Montana Avenue, Ocean Park Avenue, and Main Street. At the bottom of the webpage is a note: "City Council has directed Library Staff to investigate the possibility of locating a new branch facility in the Pico neighborhood. We invite your comments about Pico area library service. Email us at:" According to the city's web site, a community meeting was scheduled for last week to discuss the library. Via the city's web site: "Topics covered at this meeting will include a presentation by Koning Eizenberg Architects (KEA) on feasibility/site planning of a branch at Virginia Avenue Park that would reflect enhanced library and park programs." (Pictured: Santa Monica Library main branch) [Santa Monica Public Library]