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Brentwood's Las Ventanas Didn't Sell A Single Unit

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More evidence of the Westside's real estate drop: It was last summer that Las Ventanas, a 14-unit new real estate development at 11937 W. Sunset Boulevard, hit the market. The $2.2 million three-bedrooms were priced a tad high given the steps-from-your-door Sunset Blvd traffic. Despite price reductions, not a single unit sold, and now the whole project is off the market, according to developer Nile Niami. "We're thinking of trying to come back again with a more effective agent and try to sell, or lease the units," he says. "We'll know more about what we're doing in a week." A more "effective agent"? Nothing like blaming the agent. Niami also blames delays in getting the certificate of occupancy for the project. We stopped by the project this weekend and found it eerily empty, save a handyman/guard. If this doesn't get filled up, you've got a ghost building, Brentwood.
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