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CurbedWire: Pasadena Home Tours, Help for Landscape Architects

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PASADENA: It's never too soon to start planning your March social calender. Next month, the Pasadena Heritage presents "The California Style: Johnson, Kaufmann & Coate," a self-driving architectural tour. Via their web site: "Working with inspirations that ranged from Spanish and early Californian to Anglo-Colonial architecture, Reginald Johnson, Gordon Kaufmann and Roland Coate created the quintessential California style of the 1920s and 1930s." Image via PH[PSN]

LOS ANGELES: The nice people at the American Society of Landscape Architects have put together a whole guide which looks to be geared towards anyone who has too much time on their hands/has been laid off. It's called "Developing New Skills During the Economic Downturn." If you're not a landscape architect, perhaps you'll want to be one after reading this document. [ASLA/Dirt Blog]