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LA Times' Great Map Project Launches, Everyone Weighs In

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The Los Angeles Times has launched its ambitious mapping project, an online database that'll attempt to finalize the boundaries of Los Angeles neighborhoods using a combination of census block data and reader input. Check out the map here. And here's what bloggers are saying about the Times' definition of their neighborhood:

--Tasha of the Blackburn & Sweetzer blog reports the Times is calling her neighborhood Fairfax: "I’ve always identified my specific area as West 3rd. While I like Fairfax, I think of the epicenter of Fairfax as literally on the street by Canter’s and all the streetwear and skate shops....I’m still going to be a proponent of West 3rd. Although I much prefer Fairfax to Beverly Grove—I find that real estate term for the area just horrendous."

--York Blvd: "Well, Highland Park got a nice extension north to Yosemite but was clipped a bit at the base of Mt. Washington on Ave 50. Apparently, we’ve also subsumed Eagle Rock High School and the Eagle Rock Post Office."

---Westside Bubble:" "Today's January DataQuick numbers declined yet again. Median prices are now down 45.5% for Los Angeles County from its peak in August 2007." [Yeah, no reaction from entire Westside re: map]

--View from a Loft: "Wait! There's no Arts District on that list? Bring out the lit torches and barking dogs. A neighborhood has gone missing!"

--Eastsider LA: "Echo Park and Silver Lake are now part of something called Central...The Times would have you believe that Silver Lake begins across the street from Echo Park Lake on Glendale Boulevard. This part of the neighborhood west of the lake is being considered for an Echo Park historic district."

-- Metblogs: "As you can see from the comments for Silver Lake, there already has been some nice web 2.0 input. I guess the designers initially compounded Silver Lake into “Silverlake” (for newcomers to the city, if you want to piss off someone from that neighborhood, combining the two words is the way to do it), which has since been fixed. USC is its own neighborhood? When I was there, I thought we were part of Exposition Park?"
· LA Times Map [Official Site]