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Bummer: Developer Bought Lucas Ave Property

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Property records show that 200 Lucas Avenue, the home of the late Bob Pramenko--the guy who refused to sell his home to developers--was in fact sold to developers in the end. The buyer: Palo Alto-based Essex Property Trust, the developer of the Belmont Station Apartment complex that sits directly next door to Lucas's old home. The company purchased the home in January for $480,000, according to Property Shark. Two weeks ago, the real estate agent who handled the deal told us the new owner (Essex) planned to rent out the Craftsman home. According to an old Downtown News story, Pramenko was offered as much as $700,000 by area developers to sell his home, but famously turned down the big money. It wasn't clear from the story if if Essex Properties was one of those developers who offered him money, but if they were, they clearly got the deal. RIP Pramenko!