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No Decision on Billboards Yet

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2009-02-watchmenCiting the need for greater community input, the LA Planning Commission postponed voting on a proposed measure to regulate billboards at today's special meeting to discuss the issue, report the LA Times. Lobbyists, muralists, and anti-billboards activists overwhelmingly recommended delaying today's vote, which if passed, would ban new billboards, digital conversion and supergraphics. It would also reduce the space for new signage drastically, and limit billboards to sign districts. The commission is now expected to vote on the measure on March 12th and appointed a four commissioner committee to review suggested changes. More from Blogdowntown: "While the Commission was still debating exact direction to staff and the length of the continuance as of the time this story was published, each Commissioner expressed their opinion that action should be delayed. One said that in his four years on the Commission, the signage ordinance would have the widest impact of any issue the body had considered." [L.A. Now/Blogdowntown]