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Rumblings & Bumblings Answers: David Barton Still Coming, Valley Plaza in North Hollywood

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Here are your answers to Tuesday's Rumblings & Bumblings. If you have questions for next week, send them along.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: A reader asked about the status of the David Barton gym in West Hollywood (old rendering pictured above) planned for atop the former Tower Records. It's taking a while, but still going. Your answer, via an email from a rep for the developer: "Just wanted to let you know that the project is still going forward and is currently in the EIR phase, with the draft expected to be released to the public later this spring. Live! On Sunset is leasing the space until construction begins. You can learn more about them on their website." That looks to be some sort of shopping web site.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD: Whither your Valley Plaza? Another reader wondered about the status of the sprawling mall. An inquiry to developer JH Synder was met with the following response: "No comment."
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