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Not Relaxed: Santa Monicans

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Santa Monica city officials are all in a twitter about a forthcoming California state law that will set licensing standards for massage licensing. The problem: Santa Monica passed it own laws regarding massage licensing last summer, and those rules are even tougher than the state law expected to go in effect later this year--and the state law, which politicians hope will curb prostitution, will supersede any local law. Meanwhile, the masseuses themselves are just happy they don't have to pay city licensing fees. Via the Santa Monica Daily Press: "In the past, a masseuse seeking certification would have had to obtain a license from each city they wished to practice in. That may not be the case anymore and Gary Hunt, a local masseuse at The Massage Company, is definitely excited... Hunt has been frustrated about individual city licensing fees and he is glad that it could be over with. "The cities want to make money from us, this is why massage therapists are irritated, it's taking money from us, it has nothing to do with safety," Hunt said." Wonder how they're feeling in Arcadia about this new law. [SMDP]