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CIM's Sign District: Is Mid-City Being Steamrolled?

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A resident of Mid-City passes on word that the Mid City Neighborhood Council is not only concerned about CIM's sign district proposal, but also unhappy with their city councilman, Herb Wesson, who has been "conveniently silent" on the issue of the project, according the resident. As noted yesterday, developer CIM wants the area around its Midtown Crossing site, that mixed-use development at Pico and San Vicente, to be declared a sign district so large advertisements and supergraphics can be erected. Back in November, a list of questions from community members were presented to CIM. Those questions were forwarded to us. It's rather sad to read all the comments given what this nice starter home neighborhood is up against. Some of the concerns voiced last fall:
---"This is not Hollywood, it is a relatively quiet area compared to Hollywood. It is also not as busy as Koreatown or L.A. Live. This is a community commercial center and they are trying to make it something that wasn’t originally presented by CRA, CIM, or the City of L.A."
--- "Some of the signs (up to 2100 sq. ft.) are way too large. To put it in perspective, the average home size in the area is around 1400 sq. ft and many of them are much smaller than that. Do we really want signs larger than homes in our neighborhood?"
--"Seems like the entire project is covered with signs. Every surface is covered with advertising."

--"CRA was caught off-guard by this request. Why weren’t they, a major financial partner, consulted? Why haven’t they commented on this request?"
Additionally, since Phase II is stalled at this point and the economy has flatlined, at least one Curbed reader pointed out yesterday that CIM could basically do the same situation at Midtown that it has done at its Sunset and Vine tower: Make money by putting billboards on an unopened structure. (Re-visit the Sunset and Vine advertising board here.) And yup, that angle is included in that November list of comments. Said one resident: "We may end up with an empty retail center with fully occupied advertising."
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