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New To Market: La Belle Vie For $53 Million

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La Belle Vie, the famous Bel Air residence on St. Cloud owned by Iris Cantor, widow of the late securities firm founder Gerald Cantor, has been listed for $53 million. But you get so much: Nine bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, pool, tennis court, 10-car garage, and so much more. More about the home from a 2002 Robb Report article: "A grand, triple-height entrance hall with a gracefully curving staircase sets the stage for grand entrances. The entry of Iris Cantor’s mansion La Belle Vie in Bel-Air, Calif., centers around a 40-foot-high rotunda that is at once majestic and intimate. “It is a palatial space, but it’s still quiet,” says New York interior designer Bebe Winkler, who worked on the residence for five years. “Nothing jumps out and says, ‘Look at me.’" Five years to work on the residence. Compare that timeline with those three Saturdays you spent strolling through IKEA.
· 332 ST. CLOUD Rd [Redfin]