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CurbedWire: Mariposa Place Construction, Storefront for Art and Architecture Returns

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LOS ANGELES: The hammering continues on this stretch of Santa Monica Blvd, and this project is Hollywood Community Housing Corp's forthcoming Mariposa Place Apartments. Located at 5030 W. Santa Monica Blvd., the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) project is a mixed-use, affordable rental building and will be completed at some point in spring 2009, according to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce's web site. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: The folks behind the Los Angeles Art Weekend have announced dates: This year's event will take place April 2- April 5. Additionally, the event will bring back New York-based non-profit Storefront for Art and Architecture, a nonprofit organization dedicated to innovations in architecture, art and design. Those NYC kids were last here in March 2008. More about the event at the official Art Weekend site. [Curbed InBox]