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Have I Mentioned Frank Gehry Likes Fish Shapes?

Frank Gehry has inspired interpretive dance, avant garde performance art, and Brad Pitt's undying affection. But this student project, that aims to sum up Frank Gehry's work in song and green screen effects, may top them all. We hope the kid got an A.

Now Frank is an Architect
Living in Los Angeles

He made his own cardboard chair
Whatd you say? He does not care!
Even made his residence
Chain-link metal makes no sense
Haunting ghost of Cubism (Picasso)

Works are not Modern nor Post
Deconstruct, reject the Min

Gehry Tower twists and turns
Cheapscape architect concerns:
Ah, I approach each building
as a sculptural object
Win awards, Frank is famous (Pritzker Prize)

Have I mentioned, Frank Gehry likes fish shapes
Dont go back to Greeks for your art forms,
Go back farther there were only fishes
Like Fish Dance Restaurant in Kobe, Japan

Now, heres his Dancing House that was built in Prague
Non-traditional but controversial
Forms vaguely resemble a dancing pair
Though, some critics call it the Drunk House

This is the EMP, SFM, and HOF
Sheet metal blob that crawled from the sea and died
History of Rock, Terminator, Death Star, and Kirk
From robots, jetpacks, spacesuits, ray guns, its all here!

Forms and colors inspired by music
The amorphous shape of a smashed up guitar
One of the worlds ten ugliest buildings
Frank Gehry dont care, cause hes alright

Frank is a Canadian
He loves hockey and fish shape lamps

Heres Jay Pritzker Pavilion
Band shell mimics in door sound
Speakers hanging on steel pipes
Grant Park Music Festivals
Stain less steel head dress frames sky!

These last 2 works are Franks best
The first one is Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao
Contemporary art museum
The randomness of the curves are designed to catch the light

Metal panels
Scales of a fish
Radically sculpted organic contours, and
Thats his style!

Lastly Franks most well-known work he built for Lillian

(Yes, its time for) The Walt Disney Concert Hall
He made in downtown Los Angeles, California
Besides financial problems,
Acoustics there are great because of Franks unique organ

Douglas fur
From floor to ceiling
Stainless steel sails
Billow in the wind
Highly polished mirror-like concave reflective, and
Thats Frank Gehry!